GS06-Global Symposium on Emerging Contaminants:
Recent Advances on Removal Treatments of Emerging Contaminants from Water and Wastewater
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The persistent manifestation and toxicological influence of Emerging Contaminants pose adverse effects on several both environmental matrices and humans, directly via bioaccumulation or indirectly through the food chain. The main scope of this Symposium is to promote the discussion among researchers, professors, and industrial professionals on the latest trends about the efficient removal technologies of emerging contaminants from different aqueous environments. Thus, Abstracts (on oral presentations and posters format) focused on detection/analysis of emerging contaminants as well as removal technologies based on adsorption (onto carbon materials, and other solids, such as zeolites, clays, MOFs, etc.), biological treatments, coagulation-flocculation processes, membrane treatments (UF, NF, RO, etc.), and coupling of physical/chemical technologies, are welcomed. This Symposium aims to promote Research and Development (R&D) on emerging contaminants as well as the scale-up of the most used removal techniques up to a real wastewater treatment plants scenario. So, researchers from universities, public institutes and industries are invited to submit their scientific contributions. So, the Symposium will be an opportunity to strength the cooperation as well as generation of new business possibilities for manufacturers, suppliers, as well as analytical companies/laboratories in the field of emerging contaminants detection.

Contributions focused on these areas are welcomed:

  • Detection/analysis of emerging contaminants
  • Adsorption of emerging contaminants:     - Adsorption onto carbon materials.     - Adsorption onto other adsorbents (clays, zeolites, MOFs, composites, nanomaterials, hydrogels, etc.)
  • Aerobic and anaerobic biological treatments.
  • Coagulation/flocculation processes
  • Membrane treatments (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, etc.)
  • Coupling of physical/chemical technologies.

Buenos Aires - Argentina - June 4-8, 2023